Hostingsample provides dedicated server solutions in numerous locations with 40Gbit/s DDos Protection.

You get a wide variety of processors to choose from. With their passmark scores in the descriptions. (AMD and Intel)

All of our servers have an 50TB Bandwith limit. With free 40Gbit/s DDOS protection.

Servers are deployed within 48hrs when ordered to make sure best quality and service can be given. Server Details are then send via email to you within that time frame.

We include an OS installation of windows or linux distrobutions. All of our windows installs come installed without an license key.



Server Plans & Pricing

Installation os

Safe and Secure Installations

Windows OS

All OS installations of windows are free, Activation of windows can be done by a personal license or be activated via us.

Linux Distrobutions

When choosing to install a Linux Distro as OS you have the choises between: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD And CloudLinux.

Virtualization OS

Optionally you can aswell choose between these virtualization OS: Proxmox VE, VMWare ESXi and XenServer.