Terms of service
And Usage Policy


All services provided by Hostingsample and parent companies may only be used for legal use and no such other. All illegal content are and always will be prohibited from our networks services and everything else provided by hostingsample.  Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless to hostingsample for any claims, damages or problems resulting from use of but not limited to:

 Explicit Content (Porn Etc), Hacking programs, Email Spammers, Pirated software.

 Hostingsample acts as sole arbiter on what deems as a violation on these conditions or when deemed necessary otherwise.

Server Abuse:

Any notice of abuse on our servers that one of our customers ordered, will result into instant termination of their server and/or account. If an account is using server resources excessively it may be temporarily disabled without notice to provide greater server resources for others. if an account is found affecting performance for long periods of time, Heavy use of resources for extended amounts of time it may be disabled without notice.

Network Abuse:

Abuse of our networks are strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to: Port Scanning, Dos/ddos, Network Penetration testing, sniffing, spoofing, hacking attempts, virus deployment/spreading and vulnerability scanning. Hostingsample will instantly without need of notice disable servers which are found of doing such activities. 


Hostingsample is responsible for maintenance on all services, products and hardware. if hardware fails we will replace it as soon as possible. 

Data and Content protection:

Hostingsample protects it data and content in best ways possible, however we can never guarantee 100% safety of attacks, hacks, viruses or other attacks on our servers. Hostingsample is not liable if any data has been lost because of such attempts or events.


Hostingsample guarantees the best uptime which hostingsample can do within their capabilities.  A server of a customer can go down for many reasons, and advice is when need of minimal downtime to buy dedicated servers. Hostingsample is not liable for any damage or data loss which could have happened by downtime.


Customer agrees that customer shall not hold Hostingsample liable of any claims, costs, losses, damages, expenses, liabilities.


 All received complaints will be investigated as fast as possible, if an account is being investigated hostingsample can terminate, suspend or restrict the account in question without notice. Accounts will get deactivated if terms are violated. Any Abuse reports can be send to: abuse@hostingsample.com.

Entire Agreement:

This agreement overrides any prior, current, oral and written  agreements between Hostingsample and involved customer. Any statements that are not in this agreement will be voided, even if promised orally or written. This agreement will be governed in The Netherlands, any litigation will be settled in The Netherlands.

Policy/Terms Changes:

Hostingsample can make changes to their policy/terms without prior notice and no need to notice when changed. Made changes on Hostingsample’s policy or terms will be taken in effect immediately